Article Submission FAQ

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Q. My Save Button / Submit Revision Button / Update Button is missing!

A. Try clearing cache and cookies and check this out.

Q. Why am I getting a blank page at the Article Submission link?

A. Try logging in first. Only registered writers have access to the article submission form.

Q. Why was my submission not accepted?

A. There are several possibilities. We only accept material you have originally written yourself. If we have reason to suspect your article can be found elsewhere, or is not your own work – we won’t publish it. We want first electronic publishing rights. You also need to fill in all the image metadata on your articles.

*We are open to guest bloggers, but will only accept guest bloggers on a pre-arranged basis. Contact us first before submitting any guest blogging articles.

Q. Do I retain the copyright to my own work?

A. Yes, absolutely! Your work is yours to do with as you please. This means you can re-publish it elsewhere if you like. We want first electronic publishing rights – meaning we are the first to publish your article electronically. If you choose to re-publish your work elsewhere, we ask that you give us the courtesy of including a link to your original publication at Whole Woman and a note stating your article was first published at Whole Woman.

Q. Why was my article unpublished?

A. Please contact us for further details if we have not already notified you. We reserve the right to unpublish any article at any time. Most of the time it will simply be for you to correct something overlooked.

Q. I have an idea for an article but I am not sure about it. What do I do?

A. Create an article with a short summary of your idea and click on Article Status to change the status of the article to “Pitch”. We will review your idea and get back to you.

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