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Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell is a Birth Cartographer. She hosts Bellabirth, and has authored 'The Birth Map: Boldly Going Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before'. You can check her out in the Marketplace hereWriter Profile...

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I am Catherine Bell. After three years of waiting to join the elusive Motherhood Club, I had expected some kind of fanfare. It seemed that there was secret knowledge, but that it was only given out if you knew the secret passwords. But what were those passwords?
Almost by accident, I found the passwords. After my second was born, I sought support and company. My first point of call was the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I was hungry for knowledge, and ABA provided it. I also began investigating the other password: doula.

By the time my third was born, I had trained as a doula (with Optimum Birth and under the mentorship of Jennifer Staniforth) and as a breastfeeding educator and counsellor (with the Australian Breastfeeding Association).

Both these traineeships revealed the lost information that all mothers need: The biological, innate knowledge we need in order to take ownership of our journey.

Of course, I had to share this knowledge. So I created Bellabirth
Using my Science degree (majored in Anthropology and Biology), my honours (morphology), my Masters (Science Communication) and the specialist certificates in Breastfeeding Counselling and Education and doulaing, I set off on my mission.

I started out offering standard doula services, but my heart lay with the premise: Knowledge is Power.
I developed a birth planning guide, Plan Bellabrith: Informed Birth Planning.
I became a Birth Cartographer. I am the only Birth Cartographer, offering a unique preparation process called Birth Mapping.

ALL women need the opportunity to find their Own Way.

Bellabirth is a map and compass, providing information to help you navigate along the path that is most interesting and most comfortable to you.

The Journey is important.

How we get to the destination leaves a mark, it becomes the foundation for next adventure: parenthood.