Australia: What is your choice?

You can have anything you want, as long as the Government approves.

Australia: What is your choice?

Australia! What a great country to live in.

So many opportunities, so many freedoms and choices, so much support!

Australia! Where you can take it, or leave it!

Australia! Where beggars can’t be choosers.

The first peoples of this Great South Land were over-run by ‘superior’ people. These people arrived, most as convicts. Sent here as punishment, then unable to return. They had no choice but to make the best of their lot.

Then the time came, and young men were conscripted to war. Those who tried to avoid it were shamed.

Australian Gallipoli gunners WWI
Australian Gallipoli officers and gunners, WWI. License: Creative Commons CC0.

Then there was that troublesome white Australia policy. Advance Australia Fair was a popular song in the 100 years leading up to its official anthem status in 1984. This line:

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;

was fraught with small print. Still is.

Then there was the stolen generation, and the forced adoptions for those born to unwed mothers.

And now, here in modern critical thinking Australia, with it’s highly educated, motivated citizens the words of Henry Ford still ring true:

You can have any colour you want. As long as it's black. --Henry Ford
You can have any colour you want. As long as it’s black. –Henry Ford. License: Creative Commons CC0.

It is a free country!

Catch cry of the Aussie Battler.

We cut down the tall poppies and root for the underdog.

And our Government foster this.

The latest and most virulent example of this is the (No Jab No Pay) vaccination policy.

Vaccination is not compulsory. You can  still choose not to vaccinate, or to vaccinate to a different schedule.
Not following the Government schedule means loss of entitlements. And for some, that means ‘choosing’ to vaccinate in order to keep them.  These entitlements include the child care rebate (and possibly even access to child care) and the loss of Family Tax Benefit A supplement is worth up to $6,825.50 per year per child. This puts some families between a rock and a hard place.

So basically the choice, for the ‘beggar’ is that you can have chocolate or vanilla. But if you choose chocolate – you also get a punch in the face.

Nice ‘choice’.

The spot light is also on those that would birth on their own terms.

Independent midwives have long fought with The System, to stay in practice with ever changing goal posts. The latest change seems to be that is legal to practice, as long as you have the appropriate insurance, which no one can get. (so far this is operating on an approved extension for an exception which ends in Dec 2016…will it be extended again? or will recognition of a woman’s right to choose come into play?)

So what does all this mean?

Where does it all lead?

And why should you be fighting against this, even if it does not directly affect you?

The short answer is that you should fight, because this loss of freedom could be the last barrier between your freedoms being threatened. As each outer limit is destroyed, we become ever boxed in. The illusion of freedom rests on those who operate on the fringes.

There are some basic human rights at play here.
Certain pockets of people within Australia seem to be in the line of fire, all of these people have one thing in common.

Sophia Duleep Singh selling subscriptions for the Suffragette newspaper 1910
Sophia Duleep Singh selling subscriptions for the Suffragette newspaper outside Hampton Court in London, April 1913. License: Creative Commons CC0.

They are all on the fringe, they live outside the box.

The foundation of society rests on conformity, and the minorities threaten this.

If the suffragettes had been squashed, we would live in a very different society. And not a better one.

We should give the minority voices a chance to be heard, to be open to change. If what they have to say is reasonable, we will all be better for it. If what they have to say is unreasonable, it at least gives us a chance to address them.

why aren’t more people asking why? Why are we afraid of those that live on the fringe and beyond our comfort zone. Why can’t beggar’s be choosers?

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