Re-Crown Jai Dara Latto, You Bunch of Hypocrites!

I wish you could see the look of disbelief on my face right now. The pursed lips, the raised eyebrow. Oh, how I wish you were here!

Re-Crown Jai Dara Latto, You Bunch of Hypocrites!

So called TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) have long argued that gender dysphoria, resulting in a growing demand for sex reassignment surgery, would be less prevalent were it not for the objectification and oppression of women. They are accused of being violent towards trans people, bigoted, they’re sent death threats and PIV rape threats from trans women (which is a fine demonstration of irony if ever there was one) and yet news has just hit the mainstream that Ms Transgender UK has been ceremoniously DE-CROWNED for “not being enough of a woman”.

Let’s cut to the chase on my opinion about beauty pageants. They’re utter bullshit. They’re one of the finest displays of objectification the world will ever see. Lining up a bunch of women in bikinis and asking them ridiculous questions about how they’d save the world (having spent the last 6 months drinking diet shakes and plucking hair from obscure places) is objectification. Trans activists have bought it all hook line and sinker though, and in doing so they’ve forgotten all about their core purpose.

You only have to FEEL like a woman to be a woman. Penises can be female (in fact they’re useful for rape threats!). Anyone can use the women’s toilet if they feel like a woman ….. but you can’t wear shorts if you want to win Ms Transgender UK, because shorts, and going to the gym are MALE acts!??! Are y’all trying to confuse me or something? I thought anyone who identified as a gender other that reflected in their biology had to be accepted? And call me crazy, but if you argue for men who have beards to be able to use the same toilet as me and my four kids …. and then depose, on the world stage, the participant you chose as the UK representative of trans women, for wearing boxer shorts, aren’t you kind of hypocritical? Bigoted perhaps!

See, I reckon most women I know, would be just fine using the toilet alongside Jai Dara Latto. Some wouldn’t. Most would. But that man with the beard and the shifty eyes? Not cool. Also not a woman in any, and I mean ANY sense of the word.

This morning I tried to imagine myself in the shoes of the person who did the crowning, and subsequent de-crowning. What would I do, if I decided that the standing Ms Transgender UK suddenly appeared to be “less trans” than I originally thought? Well firstly, I’d give her a ring. I’d chat to her about it and try and understand why she had the audacity to wear shorts at the gym. (Yes, why wasn’t she wearing an evening gown and tiara!?!?!). I might then discuss how she could spend the rest of the year, representing the trans community and how that fitted in with the role she had been awarded. I might also take a look at the rules for future contestants.

One thing’s certain though. You can bet your shiny buttons I wouldn’t fire her, because I’m not a hypocrite. I also have a heart.

Your pained, and obtrusive trans activist argument, has for years been that radical feminists are excluding you from women only spaces, and you are in fact a woman, no matter how you appear – men with beards Radical feminists have been saying PLEASE CREATE A SPACE IN THE WORLD FOR YOURSELF, WE WILL STAND BY YOU! And here was a space, created for you! A space the whole world could see. And what did you do with it? You humiliated a trans woman on the public stage for “not being trans enough”. That’s right! Having spent years aggressively telling radical feminists that penises and beards don’t mean you’re not a woman ….. you’re now telling one of your own that boxer shorts aren’t lady-like enough to crown a trans woman’s behind.

I wish you could see the look of disbelief on my face right now. The pursed lips, the raised eyebrow. Oh, how I wish you were here!

Do you still demand that Jai Dara Latto be allowed to use women’s toilets, and that women can’t talk about our periods or birth rape in her presence so she doesn’t feel bad? Coz that’s looking pretty redundant right now …. like seriously redundant.

Asking for the crown, prize money, and all the other perks back, and crowing someone else in her place, is truly revolting behaviour. The organiser, Rachael Bailey, after supposedly viewing photographs of Jai Dara Latta in boxer shorts, is reported to have said that underwear is really important. Apparently it makes the person feel “like they are finally a woman”.

I’ll summarise that for you: If you feel like a woman, you’re a woman …. but you need underpants to feel like one.

Sit with that for a moment, then I’d like to point something out.

I want to alert Miss Bailey to the fact that I am a woman and I am not wearing underwear of any sort at this very instant. Just a big oversized t-shirt and trackie pants. I wear a bra when I go out, because it’s comfortable to do so in the event that I find myself chasing a toddler, but I don’t wear underpants unless I’m bleeding. They serve no purpose.

And I’ll repeat that for the people in the back row.

UNDERPANTS SERVE NO PURPOSE. They certainly don’t make you a woman, a man, or a trans person who identifies with either gender. They’re just knickers. Bits of fabric, typically constructed by impoverished women in China, and sold at inflated prices to people in Western countries who think undies really matter.

Yes, I know we’ve been told they’re hygienic since the dawn of time (or capitalism) but let me fill you in on the biological truth of the matter. Vaginas and vulvas are actually self sustaining, perfectly clean body parts. Underpants don’t prevent them from infesting jeans with horrible vagina germs, because THERE’S NO SUCH THING. Give everything a splash with water when you’re in the shower and it’s good to go. No underpants necessary. Self contained genitals – totally awesome stuff, right?

I have a sneaking suspicion that trans activists have been so suckered in by the objectification of women, that the women they seek to become are often like those in the foul Miss Universe contests. If women weren’t objectified to such a degree, it would be harder to define what a woman is in terms of trans activism. The lives of “beauty queens” are well documented during the Miss Universe contest, but that’s just what they are. They are the lives of beauty queens. They are in no way representative of the lives of everyday women.

Everyday women spend their lives worrying about how they will feed and clothe their children, how they’ll pay the rent, how to care for their aging parents, how to avoid rape, how to survive domestic violence, and an enormous number of other equally unglamorous things. They’re not worried about whether other women are woman enough, that’s just the media and its perpetuation of the stereotyped woman. That’s patriarchy, not womanhood. Womanhood is challenging, and diverse, and impossible to define with a pair of underpants. The fact trans people are de-throning a fellow trans person for not being woman enough says so much to me. It really does. Radical feminists can be friends with everybody, trans activists are insane, frothing at the mouth hypocrites.

So as you sit in your ivory tower of untouchable trans activity throwing about words like TERF, BIGOT, and VIOLENCE, I want you think about something for a moment. Radical feminists understand the problems presented by sex and gender more keenly that most ever will. Radical feminists want women to NOT be objectified anymore, to be safe in our bodies and lives. They also want trans people to feel safe in their bodies and daily lives. Denying a man with a beard, in men’s clothes, access to the same toilet my five year old uses, isn’t an act of violence. The acts of violence are committed in the men’s toilets, by men who are bigoted and who ascribe to gender rules in the most extreme sense. Perhaps something akin to the extreme sense that has seen Jai Dara Latto publicly humiliated for wearing underwear that isn’t deemed

darkened image of model woman in swoon pose
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womanly enough.


I hope Jai Dara Latto sues your frilly knickers right off. I’m prepared to bet there’s more than a few TERFs willing to contribute to the legal fund.

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