Footprints And Rainbows

Footprints And Rainbows

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Jenna Edgley

Jenna is a birth doula at FOOTPRINTS & RAINBOWS Birth Doula Services and mother of 3 children. Writer Profile...

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Jenna is a birth doula at FOOTPRINTS & RAINBOWS Birth Doula Services with 4 years of experience supporting women during pregnancy, birth and post partum. She assists her clients to find their own inner strength, have an empowering birth, and also provides physical, emotional and mental support to women during pregnancy, birth and post partum and unbiased evidence based information on request. Jenna is also a Placenta Encapsulator with bloodborn pathogen and safe food handling certificates and has a dedicated work area specifically for placenta encapsulation.

A mother of 3 children, 2 of which were born via VBAC, Jenna is passionate about pregnancy, birth and VBACs and spends much of her spare time (when not spending time with her husband and chidren) researching and learning as much as she can in order to support her clients better. A postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder survivor Jenna also knows firsthand how much your birth can affect you throughout your life and has dedicated her own life to helping other mothers have an empowering birth experience and in providing support to mothers post birth when things don’t go to plan.

In her rare spare time that isn’t devoted to researching and learning or being with her husband and children Jenna likes to play computer games, read science fiction and fantasy books, goes fossicking for gemstones and takes occasional weekend breaks when she’s not on call to rest and recharge at her Uncles house near Tin Can Bay.