Image FAQ

If you have any questions not answered here, you can use the comments below to ask us.

Q. What images am I allowed to submit with my article?

A. All images that you upload to us MUST be your own work; or they must come under a creative commons license that allows you to use the image. All images – including your own, MUST be clearly attributed (credited), using the attribution format required by the image owner and include a link to the license. Click here for more information on correctly adding images and image metadata.

Q. What is a featured image?

A. The featured image is the image which will show up in the image slider, and on the front page and main categories for your article. Think of it as the main image for your article.

Q. What is the minimum image size for featured images?

A. All featured images must be a minimum of 750 pixels width and 500 pixels height. No exceptions. All articles need one high quality image of these dimensions (or larger).

Q. Can I use other images in my article?

A. Yes. You can add any quality images to your articles. There is no size requirement for your other article images.

Q. What is image metadata?

A. All images (featured and otherwise) must have all the metadata fields filled in. Image metadata is essential for article promotion as it provides data for search engines, bots and human readers.

Q. How do I fill in metadata for my images?

A. When you click on Add Media on the Article Posting page (or Media Library from the Writer Dash) you will be able to see the images you have uploaded. From there, you can edit them to add metadata. Click here for more information on correctly adding images and image metadata.

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