Facebook Employs ISIS To Moderate Breastfeeders!

Ever wondered why breastfeeding images are removed from Facebook, but not commentary that is violent? Wonder no more!

Facebook Employs ISIS To Moderate Breastfeeders!

Facebook employs ISIS! We all know who Facebook are, but if you’re not 100% sure who ISIS are;
ISIS (Islamic State) According to the BBC: “The jihadist group Islamic State (IS) burst on to the international scene in 2014 when it seized large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq. It has become notorious for its brutality, including mass killings, abductions and beheadings.”

Many of us have spent years wondering what gives when it comes to moderating reported posts on Facebook. Well now I think I’ve actually worked it out. Facebook employs ISIS members to police breastfeeding and birth photos. Some people might call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, and I’m ok with that! The truth is plain to see, and this one quacks like a duck.

How did I work work out? I reported a post on a page called Breastfeeding In Public Causes Autism. I’ve reported the page itself multiple times to no avail. The post was a newspaper article about ISIS shooting breastfeeding mothers in broad daylight. Yes, a worthy news story, a shocking one at that. The story itself wasn’t the problem though, it was the commentary that accompanied it.

Breastfeeding In Public’s commentary stated “Looks like common decency isn’t extinct after all. I may not agree with ISIS on everything but they have the right idea here”.

Facebook employs ISIS - screenshot of post on facebook
Facebook deems this commentary acceptable, perhaps humourous Feel free to use this image with credit to the article
Image Copyright © 2016 MHEKET, All Rights Reserved.

Now if you ask me that’s pretty graphic violence and / or hate speech. Facebook gives the option to report that sort of thing so I hit report. I went through the standard rigmarole, you know how it goes. Then within a very short time I received a notification that it DID NOT VIOLATE COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

Advocating for shooting breastfeeding women does not violate community standards? Well whose community standards can they be!? I mean, I’m  fully aware that there’s a lot of jerks out there. Jerks who think breastfeeding mothers should all be hidden away from the public. However I’m yet to encounter anyone who thinks shooting them is a valid solution.

And then along came ISIS and shot a woman who was breastfeeding her baby in public.

Now if that’s not horrifying enough, like SERIOUSLY horrifying, the commentary from Breastfeeding In Public Causes Autism is beyond anything that could even remotely be considered decent. Not even under the lame guise of “humour”. But let’s be brutally honest here: We all know that “humour” on Facebook basically means “anything that is too vile to actually say is fine if you just label it humour”. Furthermore, “humour” means that the only reason anyone laughs at it is because it upsets other people, and Facebook doesn’t care.

facebook employs ISIS - screenshot of facebook moderation fail
Please feel free to use this image with credit to this article Image Copyright © 2016, MHeket, All Rights Reserved.

Don’t get me wrong, I realise that administering a website the size of Facebook is a monumental task. You don’t want to censor people, but you don’t want people to behave like arseholes either. Sometimes it’s a fine line. But there’s no fine line here! Anyone and their dog can see that this commentary is unacceptable. Anyone that is ….. except ISIS, which is how we can now ascertain that Facebook employs ISIS on their moderating team.

There’s really no other conclusion that can be drawn here, I know you’ll agree with me. Facebook employs ISIS fighters to moderate their posts. And why not? Everyone believes in equal opportunity (of course, with the obvious exclusion of breastfeeding women).  

I don’t know what to make of things on Facebook lately, but it seems to be getting worse and worse. Women’s photos of birth and breastfeeding are being removed in droves despite the new rules about breastfeeding images. And yet people are still able to use Facebook community standards as the platform to harass mothers. Facebook is perhaps the best platform for harassment that exists on the internet today and it’s because of their Community Standards, and the fact that Facebook employs ISIS to moderate.

Community Standards MY BUM! There are no standards, there is only harassment, and the acceptance of harassment. When new mothers have their photos removed and their accounts suspended for sharing images of birth and breastfeeding, but commentary that suggests shooting women for breastfeeding is defending “public decency” there’s a pretty glaringly obvious problem. The standards of this particular community aren’t really representative of what most of us associate with Community Standards. ISIS on the other hand …..

Get it together Facebook! Either educate your minions properly, or come out and admit that you’re hiring ISIS to do your dirty work. We all know Facebook employs ISIS! It’s the only possible explanation for your ridiculous moderation of this post, and many others. It’s the only way to explain away the ongoing campaign against women’s rights.


ISIS on Facebook
Facebook – In Bed with ISIS
License: Creative Commons CC0.

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