Worldly Women Photo Competition

Worldly Women Photo Competition

Worldy Women Photo Competition


We’ve loved seeing you in everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! Here at whole woman we’re going to give you a holiday. Go and improve your tan, enjoy your calorie free green smoothies, go and whiten your teeth! We’re going to do something radical. We’re going to ensure that all our articles are accompanied by a wide range of women from all corners of the world. In truth we’ve been trying our best to do this for a while now, but stock images are almost all thin white women, and there’s only so many times we can use the same images.

Are you a photographer who has snapped some maternity, birth, breastfeeding, or mothering images of women of colour, plus sized women, or women with different abilities? We want to showcase your work here in a photography competition.


So what can you win if your image is chosen?

A free advertising page in the Market Place on Whole Woman is on offer for the top three contestants. Your image will also be used on our facebook page in the banner – yes, we’re replacing our beloved peacock!

All other entries who wish to advertise on our website will get half price advertising, and their images may be featured (and of course credited) in upcoming articles on Whole Woman. So no matter whether you win or not, your business will get exposure! EVERYONE’S A WINNER!

Let’s show EVERYONE that there are women in the world who aren’t thin, and white, let’s show the world a real and diverse picture of what it is to be a WHOLE WOMAN!

Entries  are open until the 31st August 2016, voting will then commence. All entries must be your own work. All the photos will be reviewed by administration prior to the commencement of voting. Everyone who has submitted an entry (or entries), will be contacted if their photo is going to be used in the competition.

Maximum of two images per entrant! GOOD LUCK!

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