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Whole Woman originally started out as an online magazine founded by Meg Heket and Lisa Morgan.

Whole Woman Magazine ran for 4 years from 2010 to 2014. It was a project we loved working on, but as far as getting rich quickly, it wasn’t too successful. We spent all our time trying to find people to write for us, and yet we hardly sold any magazines. The design aspect of creating the magazine was an amazing experience, as was working with writers and deadlines, but given that we wanted to sell our work to people, we needed a better platform.

That is how Whole Woman evolved into a hub for writers in June 2014, attracting over 800,000 readers, by June 2015 . We were astonished by the success! By closing the magazine, and making our articles FREE for readers, we were able to provide information to women without charging them, plus women could pick and choose what they wanted to read, unlike with a magazine where the articles are all set for the season.

In the magazine we could publish one article about birth, one about unschooling, one about feminism and so on, per season. So if a reader only wanted to read about birth, they had to buy the whole magazine for that one article. The hub format meant that we could provide multiple articles, on multiple subjects, and no limit on what could be read and when.

The Whole Woman hub published over four hundred articles on subjects including feminism, birth, birth trauma, domestic violence, unschooling, breastfeeding, mothering, matters of the heart, and the odd humour piece as well. In this format we reached a huge number of readers, and the number of authors writing for us increased from two, to thirty something, with at least fifteen regulars.

Some of our articles were read by thousands of people, and shared far and wide across the internet, and this told us something. It told us that we were on the right track! We were reaching the right audience at last. Many of the comments left on our articles (particularly about birth trauma) told us that readers had never encountered anything that validated them until they came across our work. Some of the comments were from women who had been living with painful silence and trauma for twenty or thirty years.

We operated the hub for a year, and then the structure of the website where we were publishing altered, so we decided to branch out on our own. And that is why you find yourselves here, reading about our history!

Whole Women is a free resource for women from all walks of life. We have a different approach to many things, we’re definitely not what you’d call a mainstream website, but we are a website that is created BY women, FOR women. Whilst visiting our site you will see advertisements, and many of our audience despise that. All we ask is that you consider the time spent by our writers, editors, and designers. Those women – predominantly stay at home mothers, many of them single – should not have to work for nothing. Selling advertising space allows writers to earn some money, and readers to read for free. We tried an advertisement free magazine, and that didn’t work, so this is where we are at now.

Our long term goal is to create a space that is solely for women, and where all the advertising is for woman centred products and services, but that is going to take time. For now, our goal is to simply start providing the sort of information that brought in so many readers at our last venue, and to continue to reach women all around the world with information and validation for their life experiences.

If you’d like to join the team please follow the WRITE FOR US menu to learn more.


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