Advertising Birth Services on Whole Woman

Advertising Birth Services on Whole Woman

Whole Woman offers advertising space within our Marketplace for doulas and other birthworkers such as midwives, birth photographers, placenta encapsulators, and others.

For a short time only we are offering a seriously discounted price for a full page advertisement – $20 a year!

Benefits of Advertising on WW

  • Self promotion where you can publish articles that showcase your philosophies, and have them linked back to your ad page.
  • Each time the word doula appears on our website, it links directly the Marketplace.
  • We regularly promote your articles and our Marketplace on Facebook and other social media.
  • Randomised doula ads from our Marketplace appear on each page near the search function as well.

Writing for us gives you the opportunity to promote your work directly and indirectly, because by simply sharing an article you have written, potential clients will be able to find your contact details. 


If you have a friend who is a doula / birthworker and she also signs up at the same time, you’ll get your pages for $15 each. You just need to mention that you’re joining up together in your initial email contact (details below)

Once we have more doulas / birthworkers, the price will go up to reflect the traffic and space required. So now really is a good time to leap in and advertise on Whole Woman. If you are a student doula, don’t worry, you can put up your ad, discussing where you are at in your training, and later when you’re qualified you simply edit your page.


Get Started!

1. Join Whole Woman and fill out your profile, including a picture.

2. E-mail or contact us using the contact form below with the following;

– A business logo type ad image approx 750px × 420px dimensions or larger.
– Doula blurb
– Any testimonials former clients have provided you with
– Contact details
– Your geographical location
– A secondary image of you attending a birth (optional) an info image, or some sort of eye candy that shows under the business ad.

3. Submit payment via Bank Deposit or Paypal

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