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Hi! My name is Tmeeka Henricks and I'm a birth doula, postnatal doula and placenta encapsulator on the NW Coast of Tasmania.
I am, amongst other things, Mum to 5 children and I soon discovered for myself that no two births, no two babies are ever the same.

I believe birth should be celebrated and revered - not feared.

My purpose is to arm you with all the information necessary as you prepare for labour and birth and be there to support you along the way, offering unbiased, current and factual information as well as physical and emotional support, doing all I can to help you give birth the way you choose.

Antenatally I assist with information and support to go over all your options and help you write them out in a birth plan. Birth Love has a growing reference library for you to borrow from and I will take time to talk through any questions you have throughout your pregnancy.

During labour, I provide continual emotional, physical and informative support. I can offer massage and acupressure and ideas for other natural pain relief options. I don't leave, unless you want me to, until after baby is born and all is well.

After the baby is born I can offer postnatal support and help with settling, sleeping, feeding and many other common newborn issues.

I also offer placenta services and can encapsulate your placenta for you, take prints from it and create a keepsake from baby's umbilical cord if desired. Consuming the placenta has anecdotally shown enormous benefits to many women and it's something more and more women are becoming curious about.

I offer a free initial consultation so we can meet, chat about what service you're interested in and your needs, please contact me to arrange this.