Aspects of the Wildish Feminine

Aspects of the Wildish Feminine

Exploring the wild woman archetype is the basis of Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves”.

The wild woman psyche is at the very essence of all women – it is from those deep caverns that our creative fires burn, from the wood of intuitive knowledge and the oxygen of our natural instincts and individual passions.

Intuitive knowledge builds as we follow our unexplained ancient ‘knowing’. Each time we listen to this information and choose to take the path opened to us by this knowledge, our faith in ourselves, in our intuition, is verified and reinforced. As our intuition is fed, our spiritual fires burn stronger. An example of this is found in mothers using elimination communication with their babies. Many speak of always ‘knowing’ when they were about to get peed on, and how the process developed their trust in intuitive knowledge.

Tending to our natural instincts and passions means nourishing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and ensuring that we have the freedom to pursue instinctual behavior as it arises. For example, birthing women who have full autonomy in birth, are free to labour instinctively and will do so given their ability to focus on internal experiences as is permitted by the people present and the birthing environment itself.

Wild woman sitting in forest labyrinth using intuition
Being open to intuition and inner knowing. Credit: Angela Marie Henriette | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0.

Following our intuition, instinctive drives and passions is an integral part of what it means to be a wyld womyn. Feed her with faith, trust and action down those innate paths of the wild, and she will feed you with confidence, strength, freedom, fire and energy – to name a few for the powers of wyld womyn are boundless. Neglect her and her fires become smaller and smaller until you are a shadow wraith of your true self.

With the high paced demands on women and the woman-unfriendly structure of modern society, our kin are struggling to keep on top of everything. It is at times like these, that we women are at most risk, as such demands of time and energy shackle us that we may not pursue our wildish natures.Once wyld womyn begins to suffer, we become less and less able to cope with the hardships of our lives.

One thing we can do for the sisterhood is to make time to do something with each other. It can be as simple as easing another’s burden by cooking them a meal, or it can be as exhilarating as exploring wilderness with another woman, to create a secret space for worship of the wyld womyn within.

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