Her Self Care Tools

Her Self Care Tools
Circles in water with rocks and stones
Dropping stones in a bowl of water.
License: Creative Commons CC0.

A wounded wyld womyn can be scary, harsh, or rude, just as much as she can be depressed, withdrawn and sad. Either way, the consequences for wounded women and those around them aren’t oft pleasant.

Mothers can ignore their children’s emotional needs, shouting at them when they can’t cope with their children’s normal needs, while other women snap at their loved ones, or cry and cry with no end in sight. We all get stressed at times and may find that we do not cope well. The ability to cope can vary according to the hardships faced, however within the overwhelming deluge of emotional intensity, women find they have reached their limit.

Survival mechanisms keep us alive in the immediate now, but are not always healthy and can carry adverse consequences in the long term. It is the fortuitous woman who can access self care tools for weathering storms to experience new beginnings.

There are many tools for coping out there, from emotional freedom techniques, massages and exercise to meditation, music and counselling. The trick is finding what works for you as an individual. For women, the most powerful self care tools are ones which their wyld womyn can connect with at a visceral level such as fire, water, special rocks or stones, earthen sculptures, chants, wooden beads, or ancient symbols like the labyrinth.

A labyrinth carved into stone
An ancient labyrinth carved into rock face.
License: Creative Commons CC0.

The labyrinth is one of the most interesting ancient symbols used by humans, dating back a few thousand years and is a tool which helps us to shift from the left side of the brain to the right. Logic, facts, technocratic knowledge and thinking are functions of the left brain whereas intuition, feelings, emotions and creative imagination are functions of the right brain. This is one way in which we can connect to our wyld womyn  by opening one of the pathways to our deep selves.

Finger labyrinths are one of the most accessible labyrinths – anyone can draw one and trace the path in to the centre with their finger, and then back out again. The process is repeated as many times as is needed to balance the emotional intensity experienced at the time, and is more effective with slow movements and deep, slow breathing.

Hands cupping a lit candle
Losing oneself in firelight is a self care ritual. Credit: tOrange.Us | CC BY 4.0

A very powerful tool for women, the labyrinth has the ability to help women enter trance-like states where their emotional intensity cannot reach and protect women from being overwhelmed.

Eventually, it is there at the centre of the labyrinth, the lands of the wyld womyn where women are free to think a little more clearly or just take the space to recover before making their way back out. One fantastic thing about reaching this centre, is the vividness of imagination available to you.

At times my centre resembles the nomadic tents of the Bedouin, with reddish brown canvas, thick bedding in one corner with heaps of pillows, and firelight at the entrance. Other times my centre looks like the night time lands of the wyld womyn with open expanses of sky, stars and horses racing across the cold, windy plains. Yours can be whatever you make it. Try it and see.

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