Secret Womyn’s Places

Secret Womyn’s Places

The secret places of wyld womyn are many. Some are solo and imaginary, like the ones we can create from within the centre of the labyrinth, while others are real living, breathing places within the world that we share with our sisters.

Regardless of the place, if it is secret, and if it is claimed by womyn, it has something in common with all other secret womyn’s places – raw, earth magick.

If you’re not sure what this is like, then there is only one thing to be done. Grab a sister or two, and set off in the wilderness. There may be a patch of bushland nearby, or an inviting mountain, grassy hill or a little clearing off an isolated beach.

You won’t know until you come across it, and part of the work in restoring earth magick to the place you find, is the journey of getting there. It may be an easy stroll across the sand and up the bank. Or it may be a hard slog, fighting your way uphill through tall grass and dense vegetation. Maybe you’ll have to wade through a creek to reach a rocky isle.

You’ll know it once you find it. It will feel inviting, and full of potential. Clear off a place to lounge, and rest while making your plans. That circle of trees there looks like a place you could built an altar within. That natural depression in the ground could be a firepit. Those wildflowers you saw a few minutes back could be dug up and replanted closer to your secret place. Collect those random rocks and circle your place with them.

Each time the secret place is visited, each time you do something to improve it, each minute you spend in this space, the earth magick grows stronger. The wild womyn energy used to feed those secret places also gets renewed at the same time by the energy present all around you.

A hidden secret place in the forest.
A secret forest portal. Credit: Chris Walts | Flickr | CC BY 2.0.

It is a sacred space where you can be a woman, with other women. Rites of passage can be celebrated and acknowledged there. Our struggles with the world can be laid to rest there. Other women can be sworn to secrecy and invited in for women’s circles. The possibilities are endless and the benefits for us are boundless.
Just remember, there are secret places everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. We found one in the middle of a city, within a park. There were bushes growing tightly together, and we pushed our way into the centre and found a large enough place to sit where nobody could see us! Never mind the pieces of leaves and twigs stuck to our hair and the scratches we had when we crawled out. It was worth it!

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