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Hands holding pregnant belly

I qualified as a doula through the Australian Doula College, Sydney.

The thrill I get seeing a mother’s face as she meets her baby for the first time is what drives me.
The whole room shifts sideways and the energy is tangible.

In the lead up to labour, I’ll work closely with you and your partner to establish your personal plans for birth. This includes your ideal birth (and how best to achieve it), and alternative options should a medical need arise.

You will be provided with information, resources, referrals (where necessary) and endless emotional support. During labour, the most important role I play is keeping your space safe and calm.

In addition to that, I will ensure your physical comforts are cared for. I use methods such as massage, pressure points, homoeopathy, position suggestions and guided imagery to provide
support whilst you labour. This is in addition to practical support such as cool face-cloths and water to drink.

I am also a university qualified naturopath, and am able to integrate some of my knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine into your care.